Okay, I’ve always known that cigarettes were expensive, but lately I have been wondering exactly how expensive they are and how it relates to me. So here it goes.

Let’s say there are two people who smoke a pack of cigarettes per day each. If these two people are awake from 8am-10pm (14 hours), they smoke 20 cigarettes in that period. On average, that’s a cigarette every 42 minutes.

In that time, they each spend $6 dollars, which is $12 combined and about 86 cents per hour (awake), combined. At $12 per day, that’s $84 dollars per week. That’s $336 per month (4 weeks) and $4,380 per year spent on a disposable product that’s only effect is negative.

Remember, this is for a couple that smokes a pack a day each. Compare these numbers to what you spend on groceries or bills every month. And if you can’t go without cigarettes, at least try a cheaper alternative, such as rolling your own.

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